Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Be a Better Manager by Narayana Murthy

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Here is the summary of Narayana Murthy Advice:

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  • cultivate inexpensive habits.
  • cultivate the habit of reading
  • learn to enjoy music
  • Cultivate good friends and discuss interesting and useful things
  • treating public property
  • starting every transaction on a zero base
  • importance of using data and facts to come to conclusions
  • use short, simple attractive sentences to communicate some of these ideas
  • practice honesty, integrity, decency and fairness
  • need for transparency
  • great leader would provide you full bottom line support when the going was bad, and that he would not get upset. But once the task was completed and once we had recovered from the crisis, he or she would show his or her anger
  • adept in operating in multicultural environments
  • being reactive problem solvers to proactive problem definers, or proactive solution definers
  • better in communication, particularly in English

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